Centre for International Experience

Preparing for Arrival

"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” Henry Hartman


Now that you know you are coming to the University of Toronto, you are probably wondering what steps to take next. It's time now to think about all the details that will make your U of T experience a success. Getting involved with the details of your future move can be exciting and will certainly make things smoother once you are here.  CIE has many resources to help you prepare.

Below you will find links to web resources with information about things you will need to consider and prepare for your arrival in Toronto.

Immigration Information

The Immigration Information page gives you general information about the types of documents you may need to enter Canada as a student and the supporting documentation you will need for the application process.

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Entry Visa

Depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to obtain an entry visa to enter Canada (in addition to a study permit).  The Entry Visa page provides information about visas, plus a link to a complete list of countries whose citizens require visas to enter Canada.

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Study Permits

All students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who wish to study in Canada for 6 months or more must have a valid study permit.  The Study Permits page provides you with information about study permits, how to apply for one and how to extend a permit.

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Housing Options

Since you are most likely not already living in Toronto, you will need to find accommodation for your time at U of T. The Housing web page will allow you to familiarize yourself with your housing options and provide you with resources to help you find a place to live.

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Inviting Family

If you are considering having your spouse, common-law partner, children or parents visit or stay with you while you are in Canada, the Inviting Family page has information about visitor's visas and processing times.

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