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It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your information and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. However, we understand that navigating government regulations and important paperwork can be challenging. The CIE's student advising office is here to help.


Read about the area that concerns you, and contact us if you have any questions:




Student Advising Office Hours

The student advising office is located in room 202 at 33 St. George Street.


Please note that the Immigration Advisor will be out of the office from June 29 – August 8

  • There will be limited services related to immigration advising during the Immigration Advisor’s absence.
  • There will be no drop-in advising during this period. However, we will try our best to serve our students especially those with emergencies. Advisors from UTM and UTSC campuses will be available for immigration advising each Wednesday and Thursday (by appointment only). Click the button below to schedule an appointment.





Transition Advisors Drop-in advising
On Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings, our International Transition Advisors will be available to assist you with general inquiries about your status as an international student. The ITAs will be happy to refer you to available resources, including the Immigration Canada webpage. However, due to legal limitations, they will not be able to advise you on specific matters related to immigration (such as study permits, entry visas, etc.).


To send a written question to the Student Advisor, please email isa.cie@utoronto.ca

The Student Advisor will only be able to help U of T students or students accepted to study at U of T. Please use your U of T email address and provide your student number when contacting this email address.

If you can't book an appointment online please email cie.information@utoronto.ca with 2 possible times suitable to your schedule and an appointment will be assigned.


In your email please include the following information:

1) Name

2) Student Number

3) Telephone Number

4) Level and Program of Study

5) Reason for the appointment


Please note: All inquiries about admission as an undergraduate student to the University of Toronto should be directed to the Enrolment Services office. All inquiries about admission as a graduate student to the University of Toronto should be directed to the School of Graduate Studies.

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Information Sessions for International Students

It is your responsibility to make sure that all your immigration and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. CIE holds regular information sessions and workshops to help you understand your responsibilities. Please regularly check CIE's website for updated information and workshop dates.


CIE Information Sessions & Workshops:


  • CIE Orientation information sessions (August/ September and January)
  • Study Permit/ Work Permit/ Entry Visa workshops (online applications to CIC)
  • Permanent Residency information sessions
  • Are you going to the USA or France? Visa information sessions
  • Income tax information sessions (March/ April)
  • Income tax clinic (March/ April) where you can get individual advice about filing taxes in Canada

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Be Diligent about Your Immigration Status

  • Always keep a scanned copy of each of your documents (for example, you could email it to yourself).
  • Keep a record of the expiry dates of your Passport and your Study Permit.
  • Apply for a Study Permit extension two or three months before the expiry date.
  • Create a CIC online account and familiarize yourself with the online application system.
  • Make note of your Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) ‘Client ID Number’, also called ‘UCI’. It is an 8-digit number found on your Study Permit.  This is your personal identification number assigned to you by CIC.

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How to Apply Online to Immigration Canada (CIC)

We strongly encourage you to apply online for your permit(s). It is the easiest, fastest and most secure way of applying. Here is the process for applying online:

  • 2)   Once you log in to your account your home page will look like the screenshot below.

Image of MyCIC application webpage

  • 3)   Click the first button “Visitor visa, study and/or work permit”. Complete the eligibility questionnaire. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will get to the page where you can upload scanned copies of the required application documents.
  • 4)   Upload the completed and validated form(s), all the other required documents, and proceed to the payment page to pay and submit your application.


You can also complete the questionnaire before creating or logging in to your MyCIC account by following these steps:

  • 1)   Answer a series of questions in the "Come to Canada" assessment tool to determine your eligibility.  Completing this tool will generate a personal checklist code.  (If you are having difficulty with the questions or the process, please contact CIE's student advisor.)
  • 2)  Log in to your MyCIC account, select "Apply Online".
  • 3)  Enter your personal checklist code.
  • 4)  Proceed with your application.


NOTE: If you are applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit or a Co-Op Work permit and you plan to work with children or in the health services field, you must complete and pass a medical examination before submitting your application.  You should book your medical examination well in advance because the process can be lengthy.  For a complete list of the relevant occupations and a list of Designated Medical Practitioners who can perform the exam, visit this CIC webpage.  When you submit your work permit application, attach proof that you underwent a medical exam (i.e. a copy of your medical receipt). Failure to do so may result in processing delays or the rejection of your application.

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