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Safety Abroad Office

The Safety Abroad Office is here to ensure that students and anyone involved in sending students abroad are familiar with the Safety Abroad Guidelines which falls under the Framework for Off-Campus Safety. This Framework applies to all academic and non-academic activities held off the premises of the University of Toronto which are organized or sponsored by the University or any of its divisions. University of Toronto considers activities sponsored by the institution when participants are conducting research or gaining credit, obtaining funding for their time abroad or if the activity is sanctioned by the University.  The guidelines are a shared responsibility with which all students and activity sponsors are required to be compliant. 


  • Faculty and Staff information can be found here.

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  • Safety Abroad Database


Failure to comply with the necessary procedures may result in withdrawal of emergency support, funding or academic credit.


If you have not seen your program administrator to register with the Safety Abroad Office, please fill in the Safety Abroad Database Registration Request Form




Emergency assistance is available to students participating in University sponsored activities. Participants are required to register with our online database in advance of travel. In the event of an emergency, you can contact us through the campus police.  For more information about our emergency assistance, please contact us.


Safety Abroad Office

Safety is not necessarily about knowing site-specific details for each place you travel to. Safety is about knowing the right questions to ask and what to be aware of. Come to our sessions and discover the ins and outs of travelling abroad.