Centre for International Experience

Pre-Departure Sessions

If you are participating in a program run through the Centre for International Experience, you have a variety of pre-departure workshops and training sessions available to you!  Some of the sessions are optional while others are mandatory, so please check carefully to ensure that you are signing up for all required sessions.

Pre-Departure Orientation

All students participating in a CIE-run program, are required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) session. If you do not attend a Pre-Departure Orientation session, you will be removed from your program.

The PDO sessions are three to four hours in length and cover many travel related topics, including:

  • understanding safety issues and risk while abroad,
  • U of T's Emergency Abroad Response System,
  • cross-cultural awareness,
  • culture shock,
  • re-entry shock and
  • transfer credit procedures.

The "Terms for Participation" and "Release from Liability" forms will be distributed at the session.  These forms, as well as application forms for the CIE bursary, must be returned to CIE prior to your departure.

There are many PDO session times available, so please ensure that you sign up for a session as soon as you are nominated for a program. You can find a full list of Pre-Departure Orientation workshops in the Safety Abroad Office section of CIE's website.

In preparation for your Pre-Departure Orientation, you should review the Department of Foreign Affairs' Travel Reports and Warnings for the countries you will be travelling to.

Please Note: You must arrange to stay for the entire session. You will not be allowed to enter if you are late and you will not be permitted to leave early.

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Transfer Credit Information Session

All FAS & UTM students participating in a CIE exchange program are required to attend an information session on transfer credit rules, procedures and pre-approvals.


For more information, see the full list of transfer credit session dates.


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OSAP for Summer 2013 Exchange Students — Information Session

If you are a Canadian citizen participating in an exchange program and will be applying for OSAP during your sojourn abroad, you are encouraged to attend this information session. A representative from Enrolment Services will be offering a very informative session reviewing the procedures for OSAP applications during your sojourn abroad.


The Exchange Studies Cover Sheet should be submitted with your OSAP application supporting documents.

Upcoming OSAP Information Session:

Tuesday, May 7th, 11am-12pm at Bahen (Room 1220)


Please register for the OSAP information session.


For more information, you can also read the document: How to Apply for OSAP for Student Exchange.


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