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The Centre for International Experience (CIE) brings you a wide range of cultural events, social events and activities designed to offer you a taste of Canadian and world cultures. There are also sessions to help you plan for international travel. Keep checking back for news about international opportunities and future events planned through CIE.

New Students: Please be aware of possible fraud/scam

It has come to our attention that a scam may be going around targeting newly arrived international students. Typically, the student receives a call from someone claiming to be from Immigration Canada (the caller ID reveals the CIC Call Centre number, 1-888-242-2100) and informing the student that they have committed misrepresentation by entering an incorrect birth year on their customs declaration form (a white form visitors fill in upon entry to Canada). The student is then asked to make an immediate payment of $750 within half an hour or risk being removed from Canada. The caller provides a file number, case number and reference number and uses legal terminology such as "removal order" and "misrepresentation" to make the call appear legitimate.

This type of fraud is rare in Canada, but if you do encounter this unfortunate experience, CIC has advised that you immediately contact the RCMP's Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for assistance:

Telephone: 1-888-495-8501
E-mail: info@antifraudcentre.ca


French Classes at CIE

Bonjour! Are you interested in learning basic conversational French or furthering your French skills? You will have the opportunity to learn and practice in a weekly 1 hour session for 8 weeks. Don't miss the opportunity! This class returns due to popular demand.


Open to all U of T students, including CsF students & exchange students.

Last day to register:  Monday, July 6, 2015

Limited capacity: first-come, first-served. No exceptions.

No refunds. Classes are not for academic credit.


Duration: July 9/10 to August 27/28 (8 sessions, 1 hour each)

Location: CIE, 33. St. George St, Room: Global Lounge


LEVEL 1A – Beginners 1: $70.00 per student (Every Thursday at CIE, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. from July 9 – August 27) Limit 15 students.


LEVEL 1B – Beginners 2: $70.00 per student (Every Thursday at CIE, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  from July 9 – August 27) Limit 15 students.


LEVEL 1C – Beginners 3:  $80.00 per student (Every Thursday at CIE, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  from July 9 – August 27) Limit 10 students.


LEVEL 2 – Intermediate: $90.00 per student (Every Friday at CIE, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.  from July 10 – August 28) Limit 5 students.


LEVEL 3 – Advanced: $113.00 per student (Every Friday at CIE, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. from July 10 – August 28) Limit: 5 students 



Please Note: Each Group is different. This program is an outline only. We may cover more or less items depending on the group.


LEVEL 1A – Beginners 1. Basics: Alphabet, Pronunciation, Basic Verbs, Basic Sentence Syntax, Basic Writing & Reading, Basic Conversation. This level is limited to 15 students per class.


  • Each week, new vocabulary covering everyday life
  • Each week, writing, interactive listening, speaking, and reading


LEVEL 1B – Beginners 2. Further Basics; Further Writing & Reading; Further Conversation & Communication, Survival French. This level is limited to 15 students per class.

  • Review of basics
  • Further writing & reading
  • The future tense
  • The past tenses
  • Survival French in a French-speaking environment


LEVEL 1C – Beginners 3. One-hour small class to apply what we learned, work on each student's pronunciation, writing and reading, respond to specific questions. This Level is limited to 5 students per class.


LEVEL 2 – Intermediate. Conversation & Communication; Review, Deepen & Expand Knowledge, Cultural Awareness: Francophonie; In-situation Role Play. This Level is limited to 10 students per class.

  • Review, Deepen and Expand Knowledge
  • La Francophonie
  • Live Activity:  A Play or a Movie followed by in-class Discussion
  • Interactive Listening, Speaking and Reading
  • Multimedia at-home Practice
  • In-class Games


LEVEL 3 – Advanced. This course focuses on conversation and opinion exchange. This level is limited to 5 students per class.

Format: Your instructor will offer a topic for debate. Your instructor will launch the debate, and students will express their opinions. Your instructor will openly play "devil's advocate" to stimulate the conversation. Time will be taken to address grammar/syntax/vocabulary challenges noted by your instructor during the debate.


To register for any of these classes, please log in to Student Life BOOKIT


For further information please contact swb.cie@utoronto.ca


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Learn how to dance Forró — the Brazilian folk dance

Drop by the CIE to learn how to dance Forró — the Brazilian folk dance.


Every Tuesday and Friday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm during the summer.


Find out more about the Forró classes:

For further information, please contact Yoko Maliszewksi, swb.cie@utoronto.ca


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Summer Opportunities

International Opportunities for the summer


Are you interested in going abroad this summer? Want to participate in summer school abroad and earn credits?  Go to our Summer Options page to browse through the list of various summer destinations. 





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